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Indoor Skydiving as a Corporate Event

May 30, 2019 12:43 pm Published by

If you Google an example of the word dreadful, you might find this: Corporate Team Building. Not much in the work world can elicit more groans and eye-rolling than a group email announcing the yearly event. How many yawn-inducing powerpoint presentations and trust-fall exercises must a person endure? Who can forget the drum circles and kumbaya around the campfire?  We have news for you! This year we suggest something entirely different and unique for your team outing.

We understand everything in the business world requires advanced planning. You probably have the summer company picnic on the calendar months in advance. We know it is easy to get your people out and about in the summer sunshine, let us suggest something accessible in other seasons too. Get your team out of that windowless meeting room and into an activity that will have everyone fired up and ready to learn.


Give everyone a break with a corporate team building activity that is genuinely entertaining and requires absolutely no time in a dark room. Think outside of the box and take a trip to an indoor wind tunnel for some indoor skydiving. Why a wind tunnel?

When you are trying to facilitate team growth, it’s best to skip the corporate rah-rah. Research has shown the most effective corporate team building activities are those that encourage employee engagement without seeming forced. The group might be able to snooze through that droning presentation about effective communication, but an event like indoor skydiving will engage the gray cells and get those endorphins zinging.

When it comes to fun team building, indoor skydiving is engaging and exciting. By stepping outside of the predictable corporate activities, you stimulate real group interaction, improve communication, and bring everyone a little closer together.


We have a remedy for the break room blues. We know a dose of same old-same old can bring the energy of the group down. Repeating predictable events is not the best way to ramp up productivity.  Fortunately, we can offer a remedy for employee apathy. Pump up the energy with indoor skydiving.

Positive company culture has been consistently linked to increased productivity. Increased productivity means benefits for your bottom line. Indoor skydiving will enable your employees to connect and interact in a new way. This makes it easier to keep the team excitement going and to keep the positive energy charged throughout the year.

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We are confident that a new and entertaining motivational corporate team building activity is the perfect change of pace.  Perris Indoor Skydiving is an experience that mimics free fall without requiring a jump from an airplane. Indoor skydiving is slightly outside of most people’s comfort zones but a secure way to push boundaries. Getting your group together to try something new can generate good energy and encourage them to interact in a new way.

There’s nothing quite like a “first” indoor skydiving session to bond your team. The mutual excitement will foster genuine connections. Plus, the activity encourages group collaboration, which just happens to be a vital part of the successful and timely completion of future workplace projects.


Plan for a win-win this year with your co-workers by choosing an unusual team-building activity like indoor skydiving. At Skydive Perris, we offer a fantastic day out, including indoor skydiving, catering, and recreational space. Give us a call to book your team event today!


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